Pessach Celebration

So yesterday was my church's Pessach Celebration, or as what you may also know as Passover Celebration. The idea of the celebration was like an orchestra concert, and I must say, the music was pretty DOPE yesterday! Thumbs up for Ka Deky (duuuh, that's why he's hired to be Trio Lestari's keyboardist I guess, LOL). Not only him, the other music players were also great.  Not to forget the singers too. I am pretty definitely sure that it was all possible because of God.

I was really honored too, to be able to join this magnificent way of praising God. Eventhough we only had practised twice, but thank God we managed to pull it off pretty good! 

Ka Maya

Men Choir

Jordi, Damez, someone (I don't know who, I'm sorry)


During Service


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