Exam and Accounting in precise~

Well yes, since the 15th, I am in my mid-term examination. Now examination is actually is very very big deal for me, only for one subject though, and that would be.... ACCOUNTING! Yes. I was so not ready for it, that I already tried my best to learn it, yet it is still so hard to understand. And finally I had the accounting exam. Guess what? I couldn't do it. The case study was about accounting cycle in which the lecturer had not taught us, and I tried understanding by myself with my lack of knowledge regarding accounting and asking help from my Social friend who apparently didn't understand it too! It was so embarrassing I felt like I handed in a empty paper (thankfully it wasn't because I managed to answer the theory questions). But still, after I went back to my dormitory I felt like I did a really bad job, will end up getting bad grades and will disappoint my parents so much. I therefore asked my dad to call me back straight away and I cried on the phone.

But you know what, I am so glad that I have parents like 'em. Instead of asking why I couldn't do it (in a negative way) or calling me stupid kid or something, they said that it's okay. They understand why I don't understand accounting, they know for sure that I am the Science type-of-student, and that they say don't worry about it too much. Just try to make it up at the final examination.

For a second there before I was on the phone with my parents, I had this huge mental breakdown, but as I listened to them talking and giving me advices, it encouraged me. And it made me think, I am officially real LUCKY to have parents like them. Yes I do. And I love them.


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