Hi, February!

It's been awhile since I last blogged (about my personal life). The last time was when my parents came to Jakarta, and I pretty much just posted pictures of the shoe they bought me. Well after that I was busy with assignments and the American Culture Week, and of course preparing my trip back home (⌒▽⌒)☆  Since a lot has happened, now I'm gonna try to share each and every one of it.

1. Language Department HOT - For December, we went to Cafe Strawberry in the midst of our busy-ness. It was a very happy moment, knowing I have such great staff and goofy they all are even though most of them are girls! Cute eh?

2. Binus  Entrepreneurship Week - In my third semester, I have this subject called ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Our class was divided into groups and we were asked to start a business, an innovative. My teammates, Ghea, Ninda, Dea, Edu, and I decided to produce an agenda that is created specially for BINUSians.

3. Andrich & Arie's Wedding - This was a wedding that my mom had taken care of decoration of, both the Holy Matrimony and the reception. And I must say her work is stunning! She made it looked like it was held outside of Indonesia, and thankfully the bride and groom were very happy with the decoration. As for me, I helped singing in the wedding, even though only one song, because I didn't really have the time to practise. Infact, that one song that I sang, I practised it with the musician before the wedding!

Oh btw, for those of who are also stunned by mom's work, and would like her to do your event's decoration, just contact her at sally.toli@gmail.com or you can comment in this post ^-^

4. Christmas & New Year's - Well as usual, on Christmas and New Year's we went to church, and just spent most of the time as a family. I just love those quality times. Forever my treasure :)

5. American Culture Week - WHOA! Finally this event is held! After months of preparation, it was finally held from Jan 9th - Jan 12th. I just hope that my staffs and my hard work paid off on the event, also the other committee's hard work. Bravo peoples!

6. FLOOD!! - Unfortunately Jakarta went through some hard days just a few weeks ago where the rain had pour down real heavy and some places were isolated because of the flooding!

7. In-Between-Exam-Getaway - So actually me and Ghea planned to go to Grand Indonesia to join the Trick Art Exhibition, but when we got there, the queue was……. SUPER LONG! There were about 200 people maybe. And we were sickened by it. So…. we decided to sit at Churreria and just had our occasional ridiculous talks there. And after that we went to Funworld to do the photo box.


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