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This year, I was trusted to be the Manager of Language Department at BSSC. It was a big challenge for me, since I was actually proposed two different positions at two different organisations but then I decided to take this offer because I feel like I have more capability in doing this. And so the recruitment process began and I end up having these amazing people around me as my staffs~

And today we had our first Hang Out Together, that is the monthly event of every department so that everyone can get to know each other more. And today we went to Pancious at Mal Taman Anggrek. Unfortunately not all of them can come, there were only Laura, Della, Vincent, Evi, Stefanie and Vionna. Fanuel, Karyn, Lia, and Giana couldn't join :(
Laura, Me, Della


Us! \(^ ^)/

Evi, Stefanie, Vionna


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