Paman Gembul's Lunch!

Went to had lunch with my classmates after Practical Algo class, to celebrate Jordy a.k.a Paman Gembul's birthday at Mall Taman Anggrek Pizza Hut (although his birthday was almost a week ago! LOL). There were Albert, Ghea, Hanna, Bun, Thamrin, Epen, Nova, Betus, Ragnar, Alvin, Dancok, Ko Rendy, me, and of course, Bad Luck Ipul! Hahaha. In total, we ordered around 16 delights packages, 14 glass of drinks, garlic breads, chicken wings and around 5 pizzas! Yeaa, we do eat a lot, even though some of us has really small bodies. But anyways, thanks to Jordy for the treat. I definitely have no problem with being treated everyday :p


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